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Rostyslav Dzinko's Open Source Software

D, Go, Python, Nim, C, C++, and more...

Welcome to My Lab.

Here you can find my works I pay attention during my spare time in order to contribute open source:

My Projects by Languages

I use quite a bunch of languages in my work and here you can find something useful (I suppose) for you to use for free.


SMTP library for D, version 0.3
Implements SMTP client high- and low-level API. Supports mail composition, attachments, SSL/TLS enctyption and authentication.


Assets loading library written in pure Nim, version 0.1-alpha.
Supports only *.OBJ format low-level loading for now.
Pure MongoDB driver for Nimlang, version ~master, pre-alpha
Nimongo implements full range of queries: insert/update/remove/find, and other MongoDB commands. Driver also has pure Nim bson serializer/deserializer with a set of converters for comfortable work with Nimlang data types.